Miniature Schnauzers 



If you have owned one before  you will know that the Miniature Schnauzer is probably one of the best family pets you could find.  They are loving, friendly little dogs who crave attention and company, and although small they are not toy dogs -  they are sturdy and robust, lots of fun and a joy to own.  They make particularly handsome little pets with their distinctive bushy eyebrows and long beards, and also have the added benefit of being a non-moulting breed, ideal for people with allergies (and also those who dislike hoovering!)

They come in 3 main colours - black, black and silver and the most common colour pepper and salt.  The Kennel Club now also recognizes  white Schnauzers.

Minis thrive on attention, are eager to please and quick to learn vocal commands.  As a breed they like to be with people and make devoted little companions.  A Schnauzer left on his own for long periods is not a happy little person.  They tend to be guarded with strangers preferring to reserve their affections for their owners, and make excellent little house dogs as they are quick to bark but do not become aggressive.  Like everything else the more you put in the more you get out and all our adult dogs have been through Puppy School as babies.

During the course of a lifetime we have come into contact with most breeds, not just the dogs we have owned over the years and handled through my work in the vets -  my mother married the author and naturalist Gerald Summers and their house was an ever open door for unwanted dogs of every description, so we speak with some authority (although slightly biased, it has to be said!!) when we say that in our opinion the Miniature Schnauzer comes out on top every time!



Queue for the barbers ! !
 Pictured below is our special boy "Murdoch"
A lot of thought went into producing our 'perfect' stud dog and we have taken pains to breed for temperament as well as conformation. He is sired by Tony and Ann McDermott's handsome black and silver Lichstone Midnight Mover who has done so well for them in the showring (2CCs) and out of our much loved little 'Helga' who has stolen the hearts of so many of our visitors. 

Lead training along the Montgomery Canal
The Luggybrook in winter
Wizard of Oz comes to Guilsfield Show
Cally (Luggybrook Calico Silver) is borrowed to take the part of Toto

Jubilee  celebrations!  We marked the occasion by taking taking part in a big group dog walk  with a picnic lunch in the grounds of Chirk Castle.   It was a wonderful memorable day walking through meadows and woodland where the dogs could all run free and play together - an occasion I'm sure her Majesty would thoroughly have approved of!


Below:  Our picnic in the grounds of Chirk Castle




 Murdoch and Muffin pictured as babies in their puppy class pictured demonstrating 'The Sit' with  Karen  Boyce, the instructor.  


A typical winter's evening at Luggybrook Cottage ! 


 Take Five! 

Summer under the apple tree in the garden